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Say hello to Bion, a highly legible contemporary sans serif font family that provides you with a geometric, down-to-earth attitude.

The Bion font family, designed by Type Forward, is characterized by a high x-height, sharp terminals cut vertically, and minimal stroke contrast for a look that is distinctive yet timelessly appealing. The complete OroZ typographic library contains 40 weights in only one variable file! You have your choice of Upright, Italic, or Condensed variations to use for creative poster and title designs.

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Bion Font Family by Type Forward
Bion Font Family by Type Forward

Bion provides support for any message you want to get across, in 220 languages and 1,220 glyphs in total. With support for Extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek scripts as well as an exhaustive list of typographic symbols—Bion has got you covered.

The Bion font family is also full of OpenType features with an alternative glyph set that will change the way your text looks by making it appear more square, offering additional visualization options.

You can be sure, the Bion font family is perfect for any and all of your advanced typographic needs. With static and variable fonts, an extensive set of standard and discretionary ligatures, tabular and small figures, and fractions, this functional yet pragmatic typeface is easily readable both in print and on screen.

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