A team of studio NAMELESS Architecture designed the B Gallery located in a valley where a deep mountain ridge meets the water.

Located in Gangwon-do, the gallery is situated in a valley where a natural mountain ridge meets the water. The rocky landscape has been the main source of inspiration for the architectural concept. Placed at the edge of the valley, its artificial rocks represent the memory of the earth. The concrete mass displays the rigidness of the landscape while embracing nature from within.

The building is based on three concrete masses including a gallery, music room, and residential space. All of these masses have different programs, spaces, volumes, and arrangement methods. The interior materials also correspond with each building block’s program: a white wall for the gallery and wooden finishing for the music room as well as stone and wood for the residential space. Below you can find a few images. For more, please visit the website of NAMELESS Architecture.

All images © by NAMELESS Architecture. Check out more Architecture projects on WE AND THE COLOR.

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