Download Adobe Photoshop Halftone Brushes

BEAT TONES, a set of more than 200 distressed halftone brushes for Adobe Photoshop.

This is another great feature for the Photoshop geeks amongst you. Beat Tones, is a huge set of 200 distressed halftone brushes that offer a perfectly imperfect look! Thanks to the pressure sensitive behavior, they work perfectly with Wacom tools such as Cintiq and Intuos. Paint continuous flat areas using a single brush or layer multiple brushes to create gradient effects. Using real distressed paper, ink, and card stock textures, this collection contains only high resolution halftone brushes for Adobe Photoshop. Beat Tones aren’t ordinary point-and-click ‘stamp’ style brushes as you can find on the internet in large quantity. Beat Tones behave like real brushes. You have full control over stroke weight and color.

So what’s included?

This extensive set of distressed halftone Photoshop brushes is equipped with 120 dot textures, 72 line effects, and 12 cross hatched brushes. In addition, the download pack includes an easy to follow installation guide as well as a printable cheat-sheet booklet. Once you have downloaded this pack, you get free updates when new brushes are added to the collection.

The full set is available for low budget on Creative Market.

BEAT TONES – Distressed Halftone Brushes for Adobe Photoshop.
BEAT TONES – Distressed Halftone Brushes for Adobe Photoshop. With easy to use tonal groupings you are able to quickly select the perfect tone for your design.
Pressure sensitive Photoshop brushes for the use with Wacom tools.
Pressure sensitive Photoshop brushes – they work perfectly with tools from Wacom. With more than 200 Photoshop brushes, you can choose from a variety of textures including real distressed paper, ink, and card stock.
Offset screen angles in 45° and 60°.
Offset screen angles in 45° and 60°. The different angles convey a more natural printed effect.

Download this great collection for little money on Creative Market.

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