Case study of a full-service graphic design project including brand strategy, brand writing, campaign identity, icon design, identity system, logo, packaging, style guides, and website design by Universal Favourite for Dimple, a daily contact lens subscription service.

Just launched in the Australian market in February 2019, Dimple is a direct-to-consumer daily contact lens subscription service. In a market controlled by only four manufacturers, the creative team of digital design consultancy Universal Favourite was approached to help with an extensive brand and marketing strategy including graphic design for print and web. Learn more about the project below.

Dimple—graphic design and branding by Universal Favourite
Dimple—graphic design and branding by Universal Favourite

Creating a bright branding system for Dimple.

The goal was to reposition a traditionally stale, somehow impersonal product to a very personal lifestyle brand. Universal Favourite created an identity based on the fact that most people’s left and right eye prescription is different. Hence, they designed an illustrated suite of 60 colorful circles that correspond to each power number ranging from -12.00 to +6.00. Together, they show the vast number of combinations of individual prescriptions.

Dimple—graphic design and branding by Universal Favourite
These colorful, circular graphics correspond to each power number.

By creating these custom color codes for each individual power number, it makes it much easier for users to identify the specific pack to each eye—especially when they don’t have their contacts in.

Making the unboxing experience to be an unexpected delight.

For sure, creating the right packaging was one of the most important tasks. As a direct-to-consumer company, the graphic designers of Universal Favourite wanted to transform the unboxing experience into an unexpected delight. As already mentioned before, the blister packs are coated with these custom color codes. Furthermore, all boxes, mailers, sleeves, and monthly information cards, were designed with this direct-to-consumer market in mind.

Dimple—graphic design and branding by Universal Favourite

Creating a vibrant campaign for a vibrant community.

Shot by photographer Jonathan May, the visual language centers on a vibrant community of contact lens wearers. Using lively images and a brought range of colors and graphics, the campaign celebrates the individual quirks and needs of each wearer. By partnering with Benito Martin and Jessica Johnson for the product shoots and Lyndon Foss for the lifestyle shoots, they built a flexible suite of brand assets, which can be used across any media including web and print as well as any form of communication, social media, and advertising.

Dimple—graphic design and branding by Universal Favourite
Dimple - graphic design and branding by Universal Favourite

Enhancing the user experience in the digital space.

They also incorporated the key brand assets such as photography, iconography, and illustration to enhance the user experience, which included the design of an interactive purchasing method that puts selecting your prescription power at the front and center of the process. This way, they developed an easy-to-use interface that makes the purchasing process quite easy.

Dimple—graphic design and branding by Universal Favourite
Dimple—graphic design, branding, and web design by Universal Favourite.

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