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Called the “Glorious Font Bundle” – this handpicked selection of 25 high quality fonts is currently on sale (99% off) at Pixelo!

Once again, Pixelo’s current deal is all about fonts! It includes a great selection of beautiful typefaces such as sans serifs, serifs, display and script fonts. The varying styles are well suited for different purposes such as advertisement, branding, clothing, posters, and much more. Some of the 25 typefaces are equipped with lots of alternate characters, while others come up as a complete family of different styles, which results in a total of 141 individual fonts. The typefaces were created by designers from around the globe. Only for a few days, the bundle is available for just $29, that’s 99% off!

This is an overview of all included products.

Pixelo’s current “Glorious Font Bundle” includes: Dorrotthy Script by Blessed Print, Amelia Script Fine version by Blessed Print, Bunita Swash by Buntype, Bunuelo Clean Pro by Buntype, Marschel Pro by Zeune Ink Foundry, Likely Font Family by Adam Ladd, Active Font Family by Adam Ladd, Drina Font by Posterizer KG, Bali Beach Font by Posterizer KG, Omorika Font by Posterizer KG, Westcraft Sans by Tortugastudio, Signorita by Tortugastudio, Garibaldi by Harbor Type, Baling-Ink by Magrib, Addictype Pro by Maghrib, Haiti Organic Brush Font + Extras by Favete Art, Kaleido Script Brush Font by Favete Art, Strongwill Typeface by Alterdeco Inc., Epique Typeface by Alterdeco Inc., Felisha by Artimasa, Mattilda by Artimasa, Winterfell by Artimasa, Bellfort by Leitmotif, Ripley Font by Leitmotif.

You can get the bundle here.

25 high quality fonts.
25 high quality fonts.

Hurry and download the bundle on Pixelo.

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