Museale forstyrrelser – Catalogue Design by Your Friends

Museale forstyrrelser Catelogue design by Your Freinds for an art-project initiated by Arts Council Norway. "YOUR FRIENDS is a norwegian, Oslo based graphic design studio, founded...

Typographic Jokes – Poster Series by Gary Nicholson

Typographic Poster Design. A self initiated project of a series of typographic joke prints by Gary Nicholson.

Knoq™ – User Interface Design by R/GA

Standout UI/Web Design. UI design and development by Agency R/GA for Knoq™, an online auction system. Art direction and design by Simone Magurno. "Knoq™ is the...

Method Design Lab Identity by Robert Murdock

Modern Graphic Design Inspiration. Several corporate items for Method Design Lab with print and web design, created by Postmammal aka Robert Murdock a designer specialized...

Cycling Posters by Caleb Kozlowski

Poster Design. A collection of cycling posters created by Caleb Kozlowski, a design director at Hybrid Design in San Francisco.

Atipus – Promotional Poster

Creative Poster Design. The graphic design studio Atipus from Barcelona created this poster to present their outstanding works from 2010. The poster was printed as...

Font Design by Rosalind Stoughton

Fonecian Typeface. A futuristic and clean designed display typeface by Rosalind Stoughton, a designer based in Leeds, United Kingdom. The typeface is inspired by the...

Sugarsin Identity and Packaging by & SMITH

Sugarsin Identity and package design for Sugarsin by & SMITH, a design studio based in London.

Logo Design by Floris Voorveld

Creative Logo Design. Some pictograms and logo works by Floris Voorveld, a Dutch freelance graphic designer living in Spain. More inspiring graphics on his website.

Offício – Visual Identity by BR/BAUEN

Branding Inspiration Visual identity, created by BR/BAUEN for Offício, an engineering company specialized in steel structure projects. "The Graphic Symbol is an abstraction of the letter...

3D Type for Flyer Design by Robert Hellmundt

F**k Art, Let's Dance! Experimental 3D Type for a flyer design, done in Adobe Photoshop with a hand-painted look by Robert Hellmundt.

Mansus – Corporate Design by Sergey Barabei

Brand Design Inspiration. Art direction and branding for Mansus, designed by Sergey Barabei.