City of Romans-sur-Isère – Official Identity

A new visual identity developed by Graphéine for the city of Romans-sur-Isère.

At the end of 2015, the creative team of agency Graphéine took part in a public consultation to develop a new visual language for the city of Romans-sur-Isère. Their identity solution provides a graphical approach that combines the history of the city with a modern twist. Founded in 838, the city of Romans-sur-Isère is characterized by Romanesque art and architecture. Its simplicity and authenticity perfectly fits with the new identity system. Feel free and read more below.

Visual identity design by Graphéine for the city of Romans-sur-Isère.
Visual identity design by Graphéine for the city of Romans-sur-Isère.

The logo design refers to the arches of the bridge over the Isère river, which is a symbolic place. On the other hand, the design of the word ‘Romans’ creates a link to the geography of the city. The use of different colors creates a vibrant interpretation of constant movement and development. Graphéine’s creative team proposed three main colors and a secondary range for all other topics. Their work also included the design of all branding and stationery materials including business cards, letterheads, brochures, posters, and promotional items.

The following images give you a glimpse into the city’s new visual vocabulary. In addition, you can find some of Graphéine older branding projects on WE AND THE COLOR. For those of you who want to know more about the French branding agency, please visit their website.

Romans-sur-Isère – official logo.
Romans-sur-Isère – official logo design.
Logo color variants.
Here you can see the logo color variants.
Stationery development.
Stationery development. Everything is based on a uniform grid system.
Printed collateral.
Some examples of the printed collateral.
Business cards.
Two-sided business cards.
Graphéine’s design team also developed a wide range of posters.

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