Type Hybrid – Typography in Multilingual Design

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Book recommendation: Type Hybrid – Typography in Multilingual Design, a new viction:ary publication.

Today I want to present you this brand new publication from viction:ary. Type Hybrid is a book that examines the effects of increasingly globalized markets on today’s design and visual communication. On the one hand, this massive impact of cultural exchange leads to completely new business opportunities, on the other hand, it results in exciting new challenges in terms of multilingual design solutions. Please read more below or click on the following link.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

Type Hybrid – Typography in Multilingual Design.
Type Hybrid – Typography in Multilingual Design.

Learn how to create multilingual settings to engage a global audience.

Divided into two chapters, the book starts with an impressive collection of 120 logos, which are based on multilingual details. Chapter two is filled with amazing case studies of 100 most inspiring visual communication solutions ranging from branding to event and packaging design.

With a total of 256 pages, Type Hybrid gives us a fascinating insight into design and typography solutions that reach a global audience. For further information on this great new publication, feel free and follow the link below.

Get the book on Amazon.

On 256 pages, the book examines multilingual designs.
On 256 pages, the book examines multilingual designs and typography.
Examples of multilingual logos.
Examples of multilingual logos and logotypes.
Typography in visual communication.
Typography in visual communication.
Case studies.
Case studies of visual communication solutions that speak more than one language.

You can get this book on Amazon.

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