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Learn how to choose materials, combine their textures and colors to create a unique experience in an interior space.

Ana Hernández, the creative director of Masquespacio interior design studio, can help you create spaces that have their own unique personality. With interior design, you have the power to do more than just alter the physical appearance of a space.

This course will teach you how to select and blend different materials effectively for your interior design projects. You will also learn how to use colors and textures to convey the concept of your project and turn any space into an extraordinary experience.

Learn how to choose materials and combine their textures and colors for great interior design.
Learn how to choose materials and combine their textures and colors for great interior design.

What topics or skills will be taught in this online course?

To begin the course, you will be introduced to Ana and her studio Masquespacio. She will share her professional growth throughout her career and demonstrate how her work has been influenced by interior design, fashion, and art.

Learn about the various materials available for interior design and their respective connotations and characteristics. Examine the textures and qualities of the materials, as well as compare their practical attributes such as cost and design potential. Enhance your comprehension of the materials at your disposal and how they can be utilized in your projects.

Improve your creativity by combining various materials to create exclusive combinations. Try out different styles and consider the message and emotions conveyed by each one.

Please create a mood board for your interior design project and include references that inspire you. Before choosing the right textures and colors, it is important to analyze your client’s needs and understand their style preferences. By focusing your work around a specific objective, you can create the perfect combinations for any style.

Ana provides advice on how to effectively present your mood board to the client. Additionally, the course concludes with an examination of present and future interior design trends that can be applied to future projects.

What is the main project of this course?

You will use a variety of materials, textures, and colors to create a mood board that represents the interior design of either a residential or business space.

For whom is this online course intended?

It’s the perfect online course for designers, creative minds, and anyone with a passion for interior design.

Requirements and materials

This course doesn’t require any prior knowledge, just a curious mind that’s willing to experiment with textures and colors. You’ll need a wide range of materials including various kinds of wood, fabrics, metals, and even fruits.

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