Jakub Cichecki Illustrations

Personal and commissioned illustrations created by Polish freelance illustrator Jakub Cichecki.

Jakub Cichecki is a Polish illustrator and graphic designer who lives and works in Warsaw. He’s usually working for a variety of clients from the publishing industry. Some examples of both personal and commissioned drawings can be found below. For those who want to see more of Jakub Cichecki’s creative work, please visit his website or follow this talented illustrator on Behance. I hope you enjoy our small selection of work!

Another editorial illustration for Kopalnia.
Another editorial illustration for Kopalnia.
Editorial illustration - Transsexualism.
Editorial illustration – Transsexualism.
Editorial illustrations for Kopalnia magazine.
Editorial illustrations for Kopalnia magazine. This piece is part of a series of artworks created for an interview focused on perceiving football in terms of beauty.
Tobias journey
Tobias journey. Illustration for the book of Tobit.
Who am I when I travel?
Who am I when I travel? Cover illustration for Miesięcznik Znak summer issue.

All images © by Polish illustrator Jakub Cichecki. Do not hesitate to find more creative illustrations on WE AND THE COLOR. Our Illustration category is filled with a variety of highly creative work that has been produced by outstanding illustrators from around the globe. Whether handmade drawings or digital work, we show you the best of the best! WE AND THE COLOR is your place for the daily dose of creative inspiration!


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