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Take this online course by Ximena Corcuera and give new life to unused clothing with an easy-to-learn knitting technique.

In this online course, Ximena Corcuera will tell you about the importance of the upcycling movement and sustainable fashion. You will learn an upcycling technique that allows you to create your own clothes. In 14 lessons, Ximena Corcuera will explain step by step the technique of weaving upcycling. You will learn to review the materials and fabrics you need to give a new life to old garments, then focus on the design process of your fashion piece, analyzing the combinations of materials and colors that work well together. As an inspiration, you will see several pieces made with this upcycling weaving technique to learn about the possibilities along with other techniques that you can explore in the world of sustainable fashion.

With the help of Ximena Corcuera as your dedicated teacher, you will make a sweater, applying the knitting technique inspired by upcycling. From old clothes, you will make a new stunning garment. This online course is perfect for anyone with an interest in sustainable fashion. Just click on the following link to get further information.

Sustainable Fashion Online Course: Introduction to Upcycling
Sustainable Fashion Online Course: Introduction to Upcycling

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