In the heart of Lithuania, Zalgiris stands not just as a basketball team but as a symbol of national pride, resilience, and passion. For 80 years, Zalgiris has been synonymous with excellence on the court and an unyielding spirit that has inspired generations of fans. The challenge for Andstudio was to honor this storied legacy while propelling the brand into a new era, capable of thriving in today’s digital landscape.

Zalgiris basketball team rebrand by Andstudio
Zalgiris basketball team rebrand by Andstudio

Bridging Tradition and Modernity

Zalgiris’ previous logo, while iconic, was born in an era devoid of digital considerations. As the club’s digital presence grew, it became apparent that the existing logo struggled to adapt across various platforms and media. The task was clear: create a modern logo that resonates with today’s fans and media channels while respecting the rich heritage of Zalgiris.

Andstudio approached this challenge by focusing on the club’s deeply ingrained symbols—its green and white colors, the checkerboard pattern, and the shield shape. These elements are universally recognized and evoke a sense of pride and tradition among Zalgiris fans. The updated design embraced minimalism, streamlining the checkerboard pattern to make it cleaner and more versatile. The introduction of a sleek ball and hoop into the logo symbolizes Zalgiris’ commitment to basketball and its vision for future victories. Importantly, the date of the club’s establishment, 1944, was incorporated, serving as a constant reminder of the club’s enduring presence in the hearts of its supporters.

A Typeface Born from Passion

In addition to the logo redesign, Andstudio crafted a custom font, Zalgiris Sans. This typeface captures the dynamic and resilient spirit of the club, reflecting its relentless pursuit of excellence. Zalgiris Sans, when used alongside the new logo, conveys a unified and powerful brand identity that speaks to both historical legacy and modern ambition.

Unprecedented Impact and Engagement

The rebranding of Zalgiris has had a profound impact, both digitally and in the physical realm. The new brand image has reached over 5,000,000 direct impressions and has been featured in more than 30 media outlets, translating to a media value exceeding €100,000. This widespread recognition highlights the success of the rebranding in resonating with a global audience.

On social media, BC Zalgiris Kaunas has seen a dramatic increase in engagement, with views doubling year-over-year. This surge in digital interaction is a testament to the effectiveness of the new branding in capturing the attention and enthusiasm of fans.

Record-Breaking Success

The influence of the new branding extends beyond digital engagement. Zalgiris Shop has experienced a remarkable 110% increase in merchandise sales from September to March, illustrating the commercial success of the rebranding effort. Furthermore, ticket sales have reached new heights, with 300,000 fans attending games—a 10% increase compared to the previous year. The club has set a new standard with all 13 EuroLeague games of the season sold out, showcasing the unwavering support and passion of Zalgiris fans.

A New Chapter in Zalgiris’ Legacy

The rebranding by Andstudio has not only revitalized Zalgiris’ image but has also reinvigorated its fan base, sparking a renewed sense of pride and excitement. By bridging the gap between tradition and modernity, the new logo and brand identity celebrate the club’s illustrious history while positioning it for future success. The transformation serves as a powerful reminder of Zalgiris’ enduring spirit and its unbreakable bond with its fans.

As Zalgiris continues to build on this momentum, the club’s future looks brighter than ever. The successful branding project by Andstudio stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design in honoring heritage while embracing the future.

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