Take a look at this modern visual identity created by Outfit Branding & Design for True Mods.

True Mods is a brand that provides a wide range of premium aftermarket auto parts and automotive lighting. Its mission is to make vehicle customization easier, more accessible, and more personal via unrivaled user experience, innovative products, and deep technical expertise.

Outfit Branding & Design, a Los Angeles-based studio was asked to work on a suitable logo and visual identity that could exude the brand’s intrepid swagger, supportive culture, and industry-leading customization. They came up with a design based on modular geometric forms, bold typography and colors, and sleek photography. Below you can see a few images. For more, please visit Outfit Branding & Design’s website or follow them on Behance.

All images © by Outfit Branding & Design. Do not hesitate to find other inspiring work in the Graphic Design and Branding categories.

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