Modern graphic design and branding by studio Riser for Transforma.

While working in law, the founder of Transforma witnessed rampant discrimination against trans-individuals, based on nothing more than their physical appearance and gender identity or expression. In turn, they faced obstacles to stable housing, health, and employment. So he sought out a new means of generating meaningful financial income for this population, while also connecting their stories to global consumers. Thus, Transforma was born. Transforma is an online e-commerce platform that connects creative trans-entrepreneurs with thoughtful consumers interested in high-quality, handmade goods. Read more below.

Transforma business cards
Transforma business cards

The name “Transforma” comes from both a focus on trans-individuals (transgender, non-binary, gender fluid, and genderqueer) and a focus on transforming lives. Graphic design and branding studio Riser created a mark that conveys transformation while bringing in a slight nod to the transgender logo itself. We then used this same mark to create a “pattern of change” that further enforces the brand identity and extends across other touchpoints, both print and digital. We utilized eco-friendly inks and materials across all collateral since Transforma is a business dedicated not just to social good, but environmental sustainability. The result is a bold, progressive mark for a mission-driven brand. See more of the project below. For those who want to discover other graphic design and branding projects by studio Riser, please visit their website.

Transforma logotype
Transforma logo icon
Logo icon
Transforma logo icon pattern animation
Logo icon pattern animation
Transforma logo icon pattern tissue paper
Icon pattern tissue paper
Transforma logo icon stamp
Logo icon stamp

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