The campaign and visual communication for the Zürcher Theater Spektakel, a prominent European festival celebrating contemporary performing arts, was skillfully crafted by Studio Marcus Kraft.

Central components of the campaign by Studio Marcus Kraft consist of plaster artifacts derived from the acclaimed inaugural performance “One Song” by Belgian choreographer Miet Warlop. These hand-crafted plaster panels each showcase a raised word, intricately designed.

“I am delighted that our visual communication is so directly linked to the high-quality program this year. It is a real stroke of luck that we were able to develop this campaign together with Miet Warlop,” says artistic director Matthias von Hartz.

The plaster artifacts are present across all media, both in singular form and arranged in diverse combinations. Despite the limited pool of 15 words, fresh amalgamations consistently give rise to distinct and unforeseen content expressions. Additionally, the incorporation of fragmented plasterboard introduces further permutations.

Campaign and visual communication by Studio Marcus Kraft for the Zürcher Theater Spektakel.
Campaign and visual communication by Studio Marcus Kraft for the Zürcher Theater Spektakel.

“With the reduced appearance of the campaign we want to set a counterpoint to the otherwise very loud world of advertising this year. The handcrafted appearance of the plasterboards also emphasizes the human character of the festival. Through the constantly recombined words, we also reference the Dadaism that originated in Zurich,” says art director and designer Marcus Kraft.

As an extraordinary addition, the original plaster artifacts from the campaign will take a prominent position at the main entrance throughout the festival’s entire duration. The soundtrack featured in the cinema trailer stems from the studio recordings intended for the forthcoming album “One Song.”

Among the attractions this year, alongside two pieces by Miet Warlop, are standout events such as an indie pop star Feist’s co-produced concert, the Swiss debut of “Humas 2.0” — a contemporary acrobatic performance by the Australian ensemble Circa, and an installation by the artist duo Plastique Fantastique.

The traditional gathering, which draws over 100,000 attendees annually, is scheduled for this year’s 44th edition from August 17 to September 3. Since 2018, Studio Marcus Kraft has been entrusted with the campaign, visual identity, and all facets of visual communication.

Concept, Art Direction, Design, Animation: Studio Marcus Kraft
Artwork & Sound: Miet Warlop
Layout: Michel Fries
Web-Development: Highfive

Zürcher Theater Spektakel: Sarah Wendle, Veit Kälin, Matthias von Hartz (Co-Direction)
INTR AG, Remo Bitzi & Linus Rast (Head of communication)
Cynthia Domfe (Marketing & Head of Campaign)

All images © by Studio Marcus Kraft.

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