Three of the most important logo design trends you should have in mind when designing logos for yourself or your client in 2020.

Before we want to talk about three logo design trends that will be quite popular in 2020, we want to have a look back at the past. During the past years, extremely minimalist logo designs have been very trendy. Inspired by simple icons, those logos often consisted of simple lines and geometrical forms. But currently, we can see a big change towards more dominant logos. Here come three of the most important logo design trends you should have in mind when designing logos for yourself or your client in 2020.

  1. Experimental Typography
  2. 3D Gradients
  3. Layering Effects

First Logo Design Trend: Experimental Typography

When looking at some of the latest font releases or recent logotypes, one will notice a trend towards distorted letters and other, pretty daring typographic effects. 2020 will definitely be the year where we will see much more of these designs. This design trend may seem strange, but it actually offers one special advantage, it makes a brand more recognizable. For several decades, simple sans serif typefaces have dominated the design world, and they still do. But to be honest, ordinary people who are not designers or typographers often see little difference between these typefaces. Hence, such experimental, distorted typography can make a brand more unique or kind of crazy.

Distorted typography made by by Rob Bratney for Soulsight
Distorted typography made by Rob Bratney for Soulsight.

Second Logo Design Trend: 3D Gradients

A basic rule in logo design is that a logo should also work with just one color. That’s why in my opinion, the trend of 3D gradients is more something to enhance your logo design on a variety of media but you should always create a version that works in simple black or white. Gradients are great to give a design this vibrant, energetic touch. For a long time, color gradients were pretty much out of fashion, which had changed a lot in recent years. Especially when combined with 3D effects in logos, they create depth and highlight the entire design.

Logo design by Vadim Carazan.
Logo design by Vadim Carazan.

The Third of the Logo Design Trends: Layering Effects

Those layering effects can work quite well with the trend of 3D gradients, which we previously described. These layering effects are just the next step after these flat and semi-flat designs. Shapes and colors will still be simple but with more levels. Using highlights, shadows, and overlapping styles, this enables graphic designers to create more complex, color-intensive logos.

Logo design by Maria Grønlund.
Logo design by Maria Grønlund.

Of course, there are many more trends, changes, and advancements that we can expect in 2020, but today we wanted to focus on only the three most important logo design trends you should keep in mind. Besides all the current or future trends, you should never forget that a good logo is timeless and not just designed for a few years. For more inspiration, please browse through our Graphic Design and Branding categories. In addition, you can find lots of typefaces in our Fonts category and useful graphic resources in the Templates category.

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