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Le29 Brand Identity Design by Juan Alfonso Solís Martínez

Modern Brand Design. Juan Alfonso Solís Martínez aka JASM was hired to develop the brand identity for Le29, a condo project situated in Montreal, Canada....

Commodity Branding and Packaging by Ferroconcrete

Commodity - Branding. Los Angeles-based branding and design agency Ferroconcrete works closely from the beginning with Commodity, a brand that turns fragrance into a modern...

Personal Identity by Leta Sobierajski

LS Identity. LS is the personal corporate identity of Leta Sobierajski, a multidisciplinary designer living and working in New York City. The identity includes a...

Camarines House in Madrid, Spain by A-cero Architects

Exclusive - Modern Architecture. A-cero Architects designed this luxurious and exclusive home. It's located in Aravaca on the outskirts of Madrid.

Artistic Black and White Portrait Photography by Alexander Khokhlov

Weird Beauty - Photography. A series of artisitc black and white portraits by photographer Alexander Khokhlov in collaboration with makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan and different models.

Landscape Photography by David Keochkerian

Quietude. Breathtakingly beautiful winter landscape photography by David Keochkerian.

LBB rebrand design by studio BERG

Little Black Book Design studio BERG created the rebrand for the entire brand identity of the established online business 'Little Black Book'. "We began the project...

State of the Obvious Brand Identity by Mash Creative

State of the Obvious Brand identity with a collection of products "which turns conventional branding on its head" by Mash Creative, an independent design studio...

Into The Light – Architecture Photography by Ric Parkin

Into The Light Minimalistic black and white architecture photography by Ric Parkin.

Ohmine Sake – Package Design by Stockholm Design Lab

Ohmine Sake Contemporary package design by the Stockholm Design Lab. "Takeshi Akiyama is a exclusive sake manufacturer based in southern Japan. For generations, his family has produced...

Black and White Architecture Photography by Nicholas Alan Cope

Architecture Photography Beautiful clean and minimalistic architecture photography by Nicholas Alan Cope. Works from his series 'Architecture 1'. I really love the architectural look of these...

Beautiful Black and White Photography by Yann Le Biannic

Sensual Photography. Black and White Photography that captures the silence of winter. Photo by Yann Le Biannic.