Stockholm, a premium icons pack consisting of 640 duotone graphics.

Design studio ikke has created this extensive collection of premium icons consisting of 640 minimalist graphics. The Stockholm collection includes only high-quality vector graphics built on a 24 x 24 pixel-grid to ensure exact pixel fittings on screens. You can use them for both iOS and Android as well as any kind of web and graphic design project. They are optimized for tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD. Read more below or click on the following link to purchase the entire collection.

You can get the full pack at Creative Market.

Stockholm icons pack by ikke.
Stockholm, a unique and elegant icons pack created by ikke.

Download the pack for a very low budget at Creative Market.

That’s what you get:

All graphics are compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD. The following files are included: AI, SVG, PNG, XD, PDF, FIG, Sketch, and IconJar. Stockholm also includes 4 color presets (black, white, blue, red&blue) for sketch users. Each graphic is included in the following dimensions: 24×24, 48×48, 72×72, 96×96, 120×120, 144×144 px as PNG files. If you purchase today, all future updates will be available for free. The graphics are organized in different categories: General, Home & Object, Clothes, Food, Cooking, Appliances, Tools & Repair, Media Devices, Weather, Code & Control, Map & Travel, Communication, Text, Design, Shopping, Finance, Layout, Files & Folders, and Navigation. To learn more, just click on the following link or have a look at the images below.

Get the collection at Creative Market.

Stockholm icons pack by ikke.
All most popular categories.
Stockholm icons pack by ikke.
View of the Sketch library including the graphic templates.
Stockholm icons pack by ikke.
Stockholm icons pack by ikke.

Download the set for little money at Creative Market.


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