‘RomCom’, new paintings by Alex Gardner at The Hole in New York City.

Currently on display at contemporary art gallery The Hole, ‘RomCom’ is Alex Gardner‘s first solo show in New York City. Until October 15, 2017, the exhibition features fourteen new paintings by the Long Beach, California based artist. Nestled in pastel environments, his distinctive ink-black characters are uniformly dressed in white cotton. Using subtle gradients, Alex Gardner’s paintings deal with different feelings and interpersonal relationships throughout simple body language. Gender, race, ethnic or cultural backgrounds, even words are not important anymore. Without a single facial expression, his artworks indicate in gesture and create a wordless “romantic comedy”. A few artworks can be found below. To get further information about the exhibition, please visit the gallery website. More of Alex Gardner’s paintings can be found on WE AND THE COLOR and on the artist’s website.

Alex Gardner, Auditions in the frozen food section.
Auditions in the frozen food section, 64×48 inches, acrylic on linen.
Alex Gardner, Forgot my wallet.
Alex Gardner, Forgot my wallet.
Alex Gardner, Mayfair, London.
Mayfair, London, 48×36 inches, acrylic on linen
Alex Gardner, Olha pas mamas nesta cona.
Olha pas mamas nesta cona, 64×48 inches, acrylic on linen
Alex Gardner, Self portrait.
Self portrait, 47.5×47.5 inches, acrylic on linen

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