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Tintas Verginia Mural by Erika Lourenço

Have a look at this colorful mural illustration created by Erika Lourenço for Tintas Vergínia. Invited by Tintas Vergínia...
Paintings by artist Devin Johnson

Paintings by Artist Devin B. Johnson

Artist feature: discover the creative universe of Devin B. Johnson. Devin B. Johnson received his BA in Fine Arts...
Oil painting by American artist Mike Mellia.

Paintings by American Artist Mike Mellia

Have a look at some of Mike Mellia's latest oil paintings. Mike Mellia is a New York City native...
Paintings of landscapes by Tomas Sanchez.

Paintings of Landscapes by Tomas Sanchez

Visual artist Tomas Sanchez creates dreamlike paintings inspired by nature and meditation. Born in 1948, Tomas Sanchez is a...
Paintings from the Bedsit series by Prudence Flint.

Artist Prudence Flint: Bedsit Paintings

Paintings from the Bedsit series by Australian artist Prudence Flint. Represented by mother’s tankstation limited in Dublin & London and Bett Gallery in...
Artist Sheila Nicolin

Artist Sheila Nicolin — Paintings from 2020

Discover a selection of paintings created by artist Sheila Nicolin in 2020. One year ago, almost on the same...
Banksy painted a nurse as a superhero.

Game Changer by Banksy — A Nurse Painted as a Superhero

In the Corona crisis, street artist Banksy thanked the medical staff with a new painting in the General Hospital in Southampton.
Unreal Spaces - paintings by artist Guim Tió Zarraluki

Unreal Spaces—Paintings by Artist Guim Tió

Unreal Spaces, a series of oil paintings by Barcelona-based artist Guim Tió Zarraluki. You may remember our earlier feature...
Jeffrey Chong Wang Solo Show at Gallery House in Toronto

Jeffrey Chong Wang Solo Show at Gallery House in Toronto

The Other Side of Now: new artworks by Jeffrey Chong Wang will be on display at a solo show at Toronto's Gallery...
Sublime Affliction: paintings by artist Connor Addison

Sublime Affliction: Paintings by Artist Connor Addison

Discover British artist Connor Addison and his series of paintings called "Sublime Affliction". After studying painting at Central St...
Markerdrawings by Dutch artist Thomas Trum.

Markerdrawings by Dutch Artist Thomas Trum

Markerdrawings, a series of paintings by Dutch artist Thomas Trum that masterfully combine art and design. Thomas Trum...
Artist Hiroshi Sato, 'Digital Homunculus' at Marrow Gallery

Artist Hiroshi Sato at Marrow Gallery in San Francisco, CA

Digital Homunculus: paintings by Japan-born artist Hiroshi Sato on display from October 2 - 26, 2019 at Marrow Gallery in San Francisco,...