A game-changing visual identity developed by agency Mother Design for investment firm, Source.

Over several decades, the worldwide investment business was firmly in the hands of fund managers who often charge enormous fees of money based on their false conviction that they can consistently play the investment markets and win. After a global financial and economic crisis with massive downturns and the investors’ loss of confidence, the times have changed significantly. Read more below.

Printed collateral based on a simple graphic language.
Beautiful printed collateral based on a simple graphic language.

A game-changing visual identity design created for a game-changing investment and trading business.

Source offers a whole new business model driven by data and reliability instead of ego. Agency Mother Design was commissioned to develop a visual identity that reflects this completely new approach. The result is a new identity experience based on optimistic visuals. Using a simple graphic language, they have created a brand design that conveys the feel of a purpose-driven tech company than a profit-driven financial institution. Some images of their work can be found below. For more, please visit the Mother Design website.

Brand identity guidelines.
The brand identity guidelines.
Source exchange trade products overview.
Source exchange trade products overview.
Business cards.
Business cards in diverse colors.
Brochure covers.
Brochure covers.
Graphic symbolism.
A simple graphic symbolism.
Print and nonprint media.
Print and nonprint media.
Investment growth report.
Investment growth report.
Source - The best investment advice you've never had.
Source – The best investment advice you’ve never had.

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