Foxtrot Studio created this beautiful wine label for Saint Martin’s Wine from Winnica Niemczańska.

Following tradition, the first uncorking of these aged wines occurs on November 11th – a festive day in honor of St Martin.

A folktale says that when St. Martin tried to dodge a bishop’s ordainment, he hid in a pen of geese and was exposed because the birds cackled. Nowadays, Saint Martin’s celebration is an opportunity to enjoy some fruity wines as well as roasted goose or duck – just like St.Martin himself would have done! Make sure you partake in this special event with all its traditional delicacies!

Foxtrot Studio seamlessly blended the symbolism of Saint Martin’s Day with the core values of “Winnica Niemczańska,” creating an imaginative illustration of a man soaring on a magical goose, clutching a key – which is representative of their brand. To complete this exceptional artwork, they added gold hot stamping to give it that extra dazzle!

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Saint Martin’s Wine label design by Foxtrot Studio
Saint Martin’s Wine label design by Foxtrot Studio

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