A fine compilation of personal and commissioned illustrations by Patrik Svensson.

Represented by Art Dept. (US) and Agent Molly (Scandinavia/Germany), Patrik Svensson is a Swedish illustrator and designer who lives and works in Gothenburg. In addition to his personal illustrations, he is working for a wide range of clients including major names such as New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, Sony, Starbucks, and others. His portfolio includes a vivid collection of highly creative work. Some samples can be found below. For more, please visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

Patrik Svensson, Don't walk.
Patrik Svensson, Don’t walk.
Patrik Svensson, Finding Dory.
Illustrative movie poster artwork: Finding Dory – She just kept swimming.
Patrik Svensson, Night Swimming
Patrik Svensson, Night Swimming
Patrik Svensson, Firenze, Tuscany
Firenze, Tuscany poster design.
Patrik Svensson, Oscars 2015
Patrik Svensson, an editorial artwork made about the Oscars 2015.
Patrik Svensson, Rio 2016 Olympics
Patrik Svensson, Rio 2016 Olympics
Patrik Svensson, Rose thief (2014)
Patrik Svensson, Rose thief, a drawing made in 2014.
Patrik Svensson, Spring, at last
Patrik Svensson, Spring, at last.
Illustrations by Patrik Svensson.
Illustrations by Patrik Svensson.
Patrik Svensson, The way we met, it all happened so fast
The way we met, it all happened so fast.

All images © by Patrik Svensson. Are you hungry for more illustrative work? Feel free to have a look at our extensive Illustration category. On WE AND THE COLOR you can find both hand drawn artworks and modern computer graphics created by some of the most talented illustrators from around the globe. WE AND THE COLOR is your source for the daily dose of creative inspiration!


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