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A Comprehensive Review of Maison Neue Superfamily.

The Maison Neue superfamily, designed by Timo Gaessner and published by Milieu Grotesque, represents a remarkable evolution of the original Maison typeface family. This review delves into the detailed aspects of Maison Neue, exploring its design philosophy, construction, stylistic elements, and the extensive range of styles within this superfamily.

Maison Neue Superfamily by Milieu Grotesque
Maison Neue Superfamily by Milieu Grotesque

Design Philosophy and Redefining Typography

Maison Neue represents a significant departure from its predecessor, Maison, by embracing a more refined and nuanced design approach. The earlier version, rooted in rigid structural elements, has undergone meticulous reworking to shed its formulaic nature. The result is a typeface that places a heightened emphasis on optical criteria, introducing a distinct grotesque style that encapsulates harmony, rhythm, and a captivating flow.

Redrawing for Distinctiveness and Optimal Aesthetics

The reworking of Maison Neue involved a comprehensive and meticulous process of redrawing each character. By relinquishing the rigid constraints of its original design, Maison Neue achieves a unique character and aesthetic appeal. The designers meticulously refined every curve and contour, focusing on optical criteria to ensure a harmonious balance and exceptional legibility across various sizes and contexts.

Expanding into a Comprehensive Superfamily

One of the standout features of Maison Neue is its expansive superfamily, comprising an impressive total of 40 styles. This diversity allows designers and typographers a rich palette to choose from, tailoring their typographic needs with precision. The superfamily encompasses the subtly condensed original version, an extended counterpart, and a mono-spaced alignment, ensuring versatility in application.

Weights and Variations for Enhanced Flexibility

Within the superfamily, Maison Neue offers a multitude of weights and variations. This allows for a high degree of flexibility in design and layout, catering to a wide array of design requirements. The inclusion of additional weights within each family further enriches the typographic possibilities, enabling designers to convey varying tones and emphasis in their projects.

Capturing Harmony, Rhythm, and Flow

Maison Neue successfully captures the essence of harmony, rhythm, and flow through its refined design. The typeface exhibits a cohesive and balanced visual appeal, allowing for smooth reading experiences while maintaining a contemporary and stylish demeanor. The careful interplay of shapes, spacing, and proportions contributes to an overall sense of aesthetic balance and visual harmony.


Maison Neue by Milieu Grotesque, crafted by Timo Gaessner, stands as a superbly reworked and meticulously redrawn typeface. It showcases a departure from rigid design elements, embracing a focus on optical criteria and achieving a distinct grotesque style. With its extensive superfamily and array of weights and variations, Maison Neue offers a comprehensive toolkit for designers seeking flexibility and aesthetic richness in their typographic endeavors. This typeface embodies harmony, rhythm, and flow, making it a valuable addition to the world of contemporary typography.

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