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With this online course by design studio the branding people (tbpmx), you will learn how to build a narrative to show your creative work in an optimal and effective manner.

It’s not just about creating an eye-catching project, you also need to know how to present it the right way. Studio the branding people (tbpmx) specializes in creating brands and their visual communication. In this premium online course, they teach you how to structure a presentation from the initial research and the development of the project to the brand’s necessary visuals that captivate the client’s attention.

With this course, you get all the tools and advice you need to understand your client and their individual brand. You will learn how to create a simple presentation that includes a wide range of information. You will also learn how to structure a competitive layout to compare a brand with other similar ones. The creative people of tbpmz will also show you how to define the graphic and conceptual mood boards to prepare the groundwork for your project’s visual development. This way, you will understand the importance of creating a unique and solid graphic proposal.

This is the right online course for everyone who wants to create a presentation developed from a brand identity project that reflects the essence of a certain brand. Just click on the following link to get further information.

Online Course about Presentation of Branding Projects by the branding people
Online Course about presentation of branding projects by the branding people

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