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This online course by designer and creative director Michael Johnson will teach you how to create contemporary brand identities using verbal and visual branding methods.

Michael Johnson is an award-winning graphic designer, creative director, author, and founder of a London-based branding agency called Johnson Banks. He has collaborated with major clients such as the University of Cambridge, UNICEF, Mozilla, Duolingo, and others. In this online course on Domestika, he shares with us some important knowledge from his years of experience as an internationally renowned designer.

In this premium online course, Michael Johnson guides us through some original branding methods from start to finish. Students will learn about the power of words and how to create an effective visual branding concept. Packed with 14 super-interesting lessons, you will learn to understand what verbal branding means in today’s market. With great some market research, case studies, and examples, students will learn how the right words can inspire better visual ideas. Divided into easy-to-understand steps, you will see how research, writing, and thinking can develop and inspire an original brand identity. Michael Johnson also shares some insights into his usual design process. We can watch him juggle multiple design solutions selecting the best 3 to 5 ideas. This amazing online course will guide you from the early stages up to pushing an idea as far as it can go to ensure it performs across multiple channels. Just click on the following link to get further information.

Online course for contemporary brand identity design using verbal and visual branding methods.
Online course for contemporary brand identity design using verbal and visual branding methods.

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