Check out this fantastic New Wave poster collection based on simple geometric shapes.

Inspired by Bauhaus architecture and design as well as modernism, architecture, minimalism, and Swiss design shapes, David Vineïs, a Paris-France-based graphic designer created this stunning poster collection as a tribute to some of the best New Wave songs. Consisting of simple geometric shapes as known from good old Swiss graphic design principles, David Vineïs produced some stunning graphics that visualize each individual song perfectly. His posters feature some of the most popular New Wave songs like “Enjoy The Silence” by Depeche, “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell, or “Fade to Grey” by Visage.

Please take a look at David Vineïs’ portfolio on Behance to see detailed images of all posters. You can also follow David on Instagram to stay up to date with his latest work.

New Wave Poster Collection by David Vineïs
New Wave Poster Collection by David Vineïs

All images © by David Vineïs. You can find more trending graphic design projects on WE AND THE COLOR.


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