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Neon Tokyo by Liam Wong

Night time at Asakusa.

Liam Wong captured the nightly beauty of a neon Tokyo.

Liam Wong is a graphic designer from Scotland who works in the video games industry for Ubisoft in Canada. With his passion for photography, he is traveling the world to discover beautiful places and exciting cities. During his recent trip to Japan, he has taken amazing photographs of a nocturnal Tokyo. On a rainy night, Liam Wong walked through the lively streets of the city. He was fascinated by Tokyo’s beauty. Inspired by video games and sci-fi action movies such as Gaspar Noé’s ‘Enter The Void’ or Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’, Liam Wong has taken countless photographs that give us the impression of a neon Tokyo.

Liam Wong just kept taking picture after picture of all the streets, people, back alleys, places, buildings and neon signs. Since he started to share these images on Instagram, the number of his followers increased rapidly. Here you can see a small selection of his ‘Neon Tokyo’ series. For more, I highly recommend you to check out Liam Wong’s Instagram account: @liamwon9

A narrow path surrounded by high houses and neon lights.
A narrow path surrounded by high buildings and neon lights. What a great color setting of cyan and magenta.
A taxi driver waits in the rain for a couple, which has some fun in the love hotel.
Kabukichō nights captured by photographer Liam Wong.
Midnight crossroads at Oshiage, Tokyo photographed from above. The photo has been taken at Oshiage Station.
Neon Tokyo at night captured by Liam Wong. Rooftop view over 渋谷 (Shibuya).
Night time at Asakusa. The photographer was wandering around numerous backalleys.
Rainy night at 渋谷 (Shibuya). Another rainy night captured by Liam Wong.
Shibuya nights, the electric city of Tokyo. The night is illuminated by countless neon lights.
Walking the nocturnal streets of Shinjuku with all the neon signage.

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