Multipurpose Scene Creator from Qeaql

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An extensive multipurpose scene creator with over 1,150 items and 50 premade scenes.

After several updates, this extensive top view scene creator from Qeaql is currently equipped with more than 1,150 items and 50 premade scenes. You can use these sets of items for the most diverse topics. A lot of items are included in different positions to ensure a better realism. All Photoshop files are in high resolution – allowing you to create small and large scenes.

As already mentioned, this pack includes several sets of items such as technical devices, stationery, offices supplies, food, beverages, knives, tableware, kitchen tools, plants, Christmas and holiday items, leisure products, and much more. The possibilities seem endless with this extensive scene creator!

All objects and shadows are seperated in different layers. Thanks to the use of smart objects, it’s very easy to edit each design. In addition, the multipurpose scene creator is also equipped with 14 HD textures. This huge pack makes it a breeze to create custom scenes in Adobe Photoshop. Through continuous updates new items are added constantly. For additional information, just follow the link below.

The whole pack is available with both a standard license and extended license on Creative Market.

This is just a selection of the extensive set of premade scenes.
This is just a selection of the extensive set of premade scenes.

You can get all these items for Adobe Photoshop on Creative Market.

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