Moving Cities – Today’s Metropolises Explored through Dance

Moving Cities, filmmaker Jevan Chowdhury explores today’s metropolises through the language of dance.

With Moving Cities, Wind & Foster director Jevan Chowdhury produces a growing collection of short films in order to take a completely new approach to dance scenes in public spaces. Until today, the series consists of 8 films shot in cities such as London, Prague, Athens, Brussels, Paris, and others. The result is unique and highly aesthetic collection of short films. Please read more below the image.

Moving Cities – today's metropolises explored through dance.
Moving Cities – today’s metropolises explored through dance.

So far, Jevan Chowdhury has collaborated with 5 national ballets and 20 dance companies. The Moving Cities collection has been screened at 23 film festivals and reached more than 2 million people. The series gives dancers the opportunity to express themselves in an urban scenery. Without any script or storyboard and just a subtle touch of choreography, the dancers are free to perform a genre of their choice. In an elegant, sometimes acrobatic style, they interact with their urban surroundings trough the language of dance.

Below you can see four videos of the Moving Cities collection. For more, please visit the official website:

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