IRØN MODVM – Dance Video by Derek Pedros

IRØN MODVM, a dance video by Derek Pedros with the dance collective Irons Skulls Co from Barcelona.

Derek Pedros, a filmmaker and photographer from Spain just sent me his latest work and I’m pleased to share it with you. He has recently directed this video with Iron Skulls Co, a group of people who share their different preferences and experiences through dance. Any footage of the video was taken in the artistic residence of Konvent Punt Zero in Catalonia. Read more below.

IRØN MODVM dance video by Derek Pedros.
IRØN MODVM is a dance video production by Derek Pedros.

IRØN MODVM provides fascinating insights into a variety of performances. From performing arts to acrobatic dance scenes, Derek Pedros’ video is an audiovisual masterpiece. The artistic performances are accompanied by music from Douglas Dare ( with the use of free samples by Moby (

Born and raised in Tenerife, Derek Pedros soon moved to Barcelona, where he pursued a career as professional photographer in the context of portraiture, fashion, and advertising. In 2009, he discovered his passion for video productions as an extension to his photographic work. Below you can find the video and some stills. For further information on Derek Pedros’ work, feel free and have a look at his website. You can also follow him on Facebook.

IRØN MODVM is also featured in our Vimeo group and channel.

Artistic residence Konvent Punt Zero.
Any footage was taken in the artistic residence, Konvent Punt Zero.
Artistic dance performance.
The video features a variety of artistic performances accompanied by music from Douglas Dare (London) with the use of free samples by Moby.
Performing arts and dance.
This film production includes a great mix of performing arts and different dance styles.
A journey between different dance styles.
The video is a journey between different dancing styles.
Iron Skulls Co dance group.
Thanks to the Iron Skulls Co dance group.

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