Megan Michelle Clothing – Branding by Sebastian Bednarek

A sophisticated brand identity developed by Sebastian Bednarek for Megan Michelle clothing.

Sebastian Bednarek, a Warsaw, Poland based graphic designer was responsible for the new Megan Michelle brand identity. The American clothing brand offers modern fashion in a minimalist, sophisticated style. Their unique garments for men and women are made entirely from natural fabrics. Megan Michelle is positioning itself on the market as a natural alternative to the mass of synthetic fashion brands. With their positive attitude, they focus on style-conscious people with environmental awareness. Read more below the first image.

Megan Michelle clothing – branding by Sebastian Bednarek.
Megan Michelle clothing – branding by Sebastian Bednarek.

Sebastian Bednarek developed a visual language that reflects the sophisticated style of the brand. The use of only natural materials underlines the philosophy of the company. His work included the creation of a distinctive mark along with a modern logotype. Furthermore, he has created a wide range of printed collateral and stationery materials such as letterheads, business cards, shipping packages, just to name a few.

Below you can see some fine examples of his exquisite fashion brand development. For those of you who want to see more of his work, feel free and visit his website. The Polish graphic designer specializes in a wide variety of creative projects ranging from branding to packaging and web design.

Logo design.
The Logo design consists of a distinctive mark and a modern logotype.
Brand and stationery set.
Here you can see some examples of the brand and stationery set.
Business cards.
Sophisticated business cards with noble gold finishing.
Printed collateral.
Some printed collateral.
Sophisticated print design.
Sophisticated print and packaging design.
Minimalist letterhead design in simple black and white.
Shipping tube.
A shipping tube.
Hang tag.
Close up of a hang-tag.
Black shirt by Megan Michelle.
A black shirt by Megan Michelle.

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