Holcomb: Heirloom Quality Kitchenware Designed for Modern Living

Imagine a kitchen where everyday tools transcend mere functionality to become stunning pieces of decor. This is the essence of Holcomb, a new design studio aiming to elevate the kitchen experience with beautiful, long-lasting homeware.

Finding Beauty in the Imperfect

Holcomb’s philosophy centers around the concept of “well-lived” design. Their products, crafted from natural materials that develop a patina over time, are meant to be cherished heirlooms. Partnering with design studio Parker, Holcomb sought to establish a brand identity that reflects this ethos.

Holcomb branding by design studio Parker
Holcomb branding by design studio Parker

A Warm and Welcoming Brand World

Parker’s approach was to showcase Holcomb’s expertise in design while propelling the brand’s expansion. They understood that Holcomb’s design focus sets them apart from traditional kitchenware companies.

Holcomb’s Brand Identity: A Blend of Simplicity and Warmth

The Holcomb brand identity is characterized by a simple yet warm wordmark and color palette inspired by raw materials. The “h” symbol leans slightly forward, hinting at the dynamic nature of cooking.

Evoking Emotion Through Photography and Illustration

The brand’s photography by Katherine Fox utilizes light and shadow to create a textured, inviting world. Dieter Rams-inspired product illustrations further emphasize the simplicity and functionality of Holcomb’s designs.

A Website that Reflects the Brand’s Duality

The Holcomb website, designed by Parker in collaboration with Baggy, mirrors the brand’s personality. Featuring rounded corners, soft animations, and rich colors, the e-commerce experience brings the products’ personalities to life in the digital space.

A Commitment to Responsible Design

As Sarah Sweeney, Parker’s Principal Brand Director, points out, this project embodies their core values. They admire Holcomb’s dedication to responsible and beautiful product creation. The resulting brand identity reflects a commitment to purposeful design, minimalism, and the belief that beauty can be found in everyday objects.

Holcomb: Design with Purpose

Holcomb offers a refreshing perspective on kitchenware, one that elevates everyday tools to objets d’art. By prioritizing design with purpose, natural materials, and timeless aesthetics, Holcomb creates heirloom-quality pieces that bring beauty and functionality to the modern kitchen.

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