GlobalFoundries launched a new visual identity designed by Siegel+Gale.

GlobalFoundries (GF) is one of the largest specialist chip-production companies in the world. They are selling chips to more than 250 customers globally including the U.S. Department of Defense, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Bosch, Intel, just to name a few.

Working closely with the skilled team of Siegel+Gale, GlobalFoundries just launched its new brand story and visual identity. The new design assets have been meticulously crafted by Siegel+Gale to be bold, innovative, inviting, and simple. Please read more below.

GlobalFoundries logo

Siegel+Gale designed a new brand logo which is a combination of a logomark and a wordmark. The logomark is based on the two letters ‘GF’. The reductive nature of this graphic design concept represents the new brand story. In addition, the new visual identity retains the use of the color orange, allowing GlobalFoundries to retain its earned brand equity while reflecting a strong and optimistic personality. Tones of yellow and purple have been added to the palette to communicate warmth and boldness. Here you can read more about this new visual identity design for GF.

GlobalFoundries keynote
GlobalFoundries brand design
Brand design
GlobalFoundries billboard
GlobalFoundries website
The new website

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