Gastaloops, an amazing series of 100 GIFs created in 100 days by Nicola Gastaldi.

Nicola Gastaldi is an outstanding motion graphics designer, 3D artist, Cinema 4D generalist, projection mapping expert, and V-ray enthusiast. He has recently completed a personal project of creating 100 looping animated GIFs within 100 days. While browsing through the internet, Nicola Gastaldi found a lot of people who manage to create personal projects on a daily basis. Each new day they are able to produce something completely new, something highly creative. At first he thought, he’s way too busy with his job and family. Nevertheless, he wanted to give it a shot so he started to create one animation a day. Over the time of 100 days, he has produced 100 amazing loops. Each animated GIF has been created using a limited range of colors and not more than 50 frames. Four examples can be found below. For those who want to see the full project, please have a look here.

Nicola Gastaldi, Fish eats fish.
Fish eats fish.
Nicola Gastaldi, Turn back the time.
The desperate attempt to turn back the time.
Nicola Gastaldi, Army of Matryoshkas.
A never-ending army of Matryoshkas.
Nicola Gastaldi, Taking a picture of a picture.
A Polaroid camera is taking a picture of a Polaroid camera taking a picture of…

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