Brooklyn based illustrator Abbey Lossing creates playful imagery and animations through the inviting elegance of simple lines and colors.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Abbey Lossing is currently working as staff illustrator and animator at Vice News. In addition, she continues to take on freelance assignments. The range of well known clients includes major brands such as Google, The New York Times, BuzzFeed, Plansponsor Magazine, GIPHY Studios, Stanford Business Review, Variety Magazine, Vox Media, just to name a few. Her kind of friendly, simple illustrative style conveys an unprejudiced take on everyday life. The talented illustrator is often creating a more playful and deliberately ‘naive’ view of the world around us.

A selection of illustrations and animated GIFs can be found below. For those of you who want to see more of Abbey Lossing’s creative work, feel free to have a look at her website or follow her on Instagram.

Abbey Lossing animations, The Star
The Star – animated GIF
Abbey Lossing Illustration, Sleep Patterns
Sleep Patterns
Abbey Lossing Illustration, Valentines Day Show
Valentines Day Show
Abbey Lossing Illustrations, The Power of Why for The New York Times
The Power of “Why?” – illustration created by Abbey Lossing for The New York Times.
Abbey Lossing loop animation, Ice Scream
Ice Scream loop animation.
Abbey Lossing Illustrations, Astronomers

All images © by New York City based illustrator and animator Abbey Lossing. Are you looking for more creative inspiration? Do not hesitate to check out our popular Illustration category.


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