Francesco Hashitha Moorthy has created a series of minimalist posters and animations inspired by the famous Netflix series ‘Black Mirror’.

Francesco Hashitha Moorthy is a Milan, Italy based graphic designer, photographer, and motion designer. Inspired by the famous Netflix series ‘Black Mirror’, he has created a series of minimalist posters for each of the 13 episodes. In addition, each illustration has been enriched with a piece in motion. 4 of the 13 animations can be found below. To see them all, just have a look at Francesco Hashitha Moorthy’s portfolio on Behance. His body of work also includes a varied mix of projects ranging from banding and graphic design to illustration and animation.

Hated in the nation.
Hated in the nation. “I was just using my freedom of speech.”
Playtest. “The access point?”
Be right back.
Be right back. “You look like him on a good day.”
The entire history of you.
The entire history of you. “You know, half the organic memories you have are junk.”

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