Black Mirror – 6 animated posters of season 4 created by Francesco Hashitha Moorthy.

Finally, after the release of the fourth season of Black Mirror, London based art director and motion designer Francesco Hashitha Moorthy has published the sequel of his popular personal project, a range of animated posters representing each episode of the famous Netflix series. After the success of the posters of the first three seasons, he worked immediately on the release of the new season to this project. For those who want to see all pieces of the series, please visit Francesco’s portfolio on Behance.

Black Mirror, 1st episode, 4th season, USS Callister
1st episode, 4th season, USS Callister. The episode follows Robert Daly, a reclusive but gifted programmer and co-founder of a popular multiplayer online game.
Black Mirror, 2nd episode, 4th season, Arkangel
2nd episode, 4th season, Arkangel. Arkangel is the name of an implanted chip technology that allows parents to track and monitor their children as well as pixelate images that would cause them distress.
Black Mirror, 3rd episode, 4th season, Crocodile
3rd episode, 4th season, Crocodile. Filmed in Iceland, this episode centers on Mia who is distressed about having helped her friend Rob to cover up a hit-and-run death.
Black Mirror, 4th episode, 4th season, Hang the DJ
4th episode, 4th season, Hang the DJ. Amy and Frank are two of many people in a walled-off system who are placed by a digital companion coach into trial romantic relationships with others.
Black Mirror, 5th episode, 4th season, Metalhead
5th episode, 4th season, Metalhead. It’s the first Black Mirror episode filmed entirely in black and white.
Black Mirror, 6th episode, 4th season, Black Museum
6th episode, 4th season, Black Museum. This episode is presented as a series of three stories told by Rolo Haynes.

All images © by Francesco Hashitha Moorthy. Feel free to find more illustrations on WE AND THE COLOR.


  1. Animated posters are awesome, I love seeing how they’re created and even more the final results! The first poster there even gives me the chills, creepy stuff.

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