FS Renaissance, a display stencil font published by type foundry by Monotype.

Designed in collaboration between Monotype Creative Type Director Pedro Arilla and lettering artist Craig Black, FS Renaissance is a single style font that masterfully explores the intersection between art and design. As the name suggests, it is mainly inspired by the creatives of the Renaissance. Each letter of the new display stencil font has been designed as a standalone piece of art. With its hand-crafted feel like a sculptor, FS Renaissance is way more than just a traditional stencil typeface. Read more below or click on the following image to purchase the typeface.

Download the font at MyFonts.

FS Renaissance font family by Monotype.
FS Renaissance font by Monotype.

Craig Black has created a series of handmade typographic sculptures for the launch that encapsulate the spirit of the design, showcasing the letterforms as pieces of physical art. Pedro then applied the core DNA of Craig’s work to a typographic base with a solid internal consistency, balanced with an external elegance. The pair will be discussing the project on Instagram Live this Thursday, June 11, at 11:30 a.m. ET on @bymonotype.

Download the font at MyFonts.

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