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Cotford, a new typeface by Tom Foley and the Monotype Studio.

Just recently, Monotype released Cotford, a new typeface designed by Tom Foley and the Monotype Studio. This contemporary serif font is powered by variable technology to brands with endless options of expressions. With the attention to detail demanded by the 21st century, the Cotford font family is a celebration of simplicity, shape, and form.

“As digital branding has matured and evolved with changes in technology, companies are eager to embrace typography that is unique, human, and personal, but equally versatile and reliable. This is the context in which Cotford was conceived. The ambition was to design a contemporary serif typeface with the versatility and robustness that today’s designers and brands expect.”

The complete family is currently available as an introductory offer (60% off), only for a limited time. Just click on the following link to learn more.

Cotford font family by Monotype
Cotford font family by Monotype

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