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Designed by Evgeny Tantsurin of type foundry Groteskly Yours, Rothek Stencil is a professional font family that comes with one variable font and twenty static styles.

Rothek Stencil is a stenciled, slightly modified version of Rothek, a geometric sans serif originally released through Groteskly Yours. It comes in 20 static styles or as one variable font. Rothek Stencil hosts over 1000 characters supporting 200 languages like most Latin-based languages, Extended Cyrillic, Vietnamese and more.

You can use Rothek Stencil with the original Rothek as a headline font for any project that would utilize a stencil font. While its primary goal was to be distinctive and multitalented when used at larger sizes, it surprisingly works well small enough to serve as body text. Thanks to an abundance of OpenType features, Rothek Stencil is very versatile. It has Case-Sensitive Punctuation, multiple Stylistic Sets, various numerals (Oldstyle, Tabular, Fractions), and many more useful OpenType features.

As mentioned before, Rothek Stencil is a font family that comes with 20 static styles (Thin to Black), each one available in both regular and italic versions. The variable font includes weight and slant axes, making it ideal for web or graphic design. You can purchase the 20 static styles separately or as part of the complete Rothek Stencil font family. Just click on one of the following links to get further information about this new stencil typeface.

Rothek Stencil font family by Groteskly Yours
Rothek Stencil font family by Groteskly Yours

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