Francesco Vullo – Photo Manipulations

Thought provoking images by Francesco Vullo.

With a fresh creative mind and a great sense of irony, Francesco Vullo creates mind-provoking images using contrasting elements from different worlds and meanings. Born in 1994 in Palermo, Francesco was infected by the creative virus at a young age. As a child he loved to draw and he did lots of creative activities. After finishing high school, he studied at European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan, where he graduated in Illustration and Animation in July 2016. Feel free to read more below the first image.

Iron Jaws
Iron Jaws

His vivid and colorful work refers to contemporary events and society. Using tools such as pencil, brush and particularly Photoshop, Francesco Vullo reveals irreverent visions of today’s world and society. He skillfully juxtaposes famous paintings, objects or known personalities with ironic elements. His creative work often illustrates the negative side of social networks, politics, industry and commerce. A small selection of his photo manipulations with Photoshop can be found below. For more, please visit his website ( or follow him on Instagram: @fra_vullo

Cactus Popsicle
Cactus Popsicle
Crime Scene - Keith Haring
Crime Scene – Keith Haring
Oil - Photo manipulations by Francesco Vullo.
Oil – Photo manipulations by Francesco Vullo.
Oreo Street Cookie
Oreo Street Cookie
Rest in Pieces
Rest in Pieces – “Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity”, a quote by G. Carlin.

All images © by Francesco Vullo.


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