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Take a look at Fleur Display, an extraordinary font duo created for today’s typographic demands.

Are you looking for an extraordinary display font that offers a playful yet elegant style? If so, this might be it. The Fleur Display font duo by SilverStag combines classic influences with modern typography. The duo consists of a regular and outline version. Actually, Fleur Display mixes sans and serif options with regular, italic, outlined, and outlined italic options. It’s simply an all-in-one typeface with an amazing look!

If you want to use the serif letters—just type lowercase letters and for sans letters—just go with uppercase letters. Yes, it’s that easy! All italic letters are available as alternates, so you will basically get a whole family in one font duo. Furthermore, all serif letters have at least one alternate and in total there are 120 of them. Just click on the following link to learn more about the Fleur Display font duo by SilverStag.

Fleur Display Font Duo by SilverStag
Fleur Display Font Duo by SilverStag

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