Custom Branding Creator for Adobe Photoshop

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Check out this custom branding creator for Adobe Photoshop with over 100 items in high resolution!

Here comes another fine example of a well selected custom branding creator. With more than 100 items in high resolution as well as 10 background textures and 8 pre-made scenes, this bundle offers everything you need to create stunning brand visuals in Adobe Photoshop. All included items are fully separated from the background, which makes it very easy to arrange them in any way and any scene you want. Just pick the items you need, place them via drag and drop into your own scene and add your custom design, that’s all! Choose one of the included background textures to give your scene a more natural look and feel. Read more below the first image or click on the following link.

The full branding bundle is available for little money on Creative Market.

Custom branding creator for Adobe Photoshop.
Custom branding creator for Adobe Photoshop.

The bundle is equipped with a wide range of photographic objects such as stationery, packaging materials, office supplies, business cards, envelopes, cloth bags, magazines, little notepads, brushes and pencils, t-shirts, just to name a few. Below you can have a look at the background options and some examples of the included items. To get a closer look, feel free and click on the following link. This offer requires Adobe Photoshop CS4 and higher. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can download a free 30 day trial version on the Adobe website, just check it out here.

You can download the full bundle for low budget on Creative Market.

Background textures.
The bundle includes 10 background textures to give your scenes a more realistic look.
Over 100 items in high resolution.
Over 100 items in high resolution. All items are included in high quality.

The bundle is available for purchase here.

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