Tornado de Legos Rojos - Artwork by Los Carpinteros

The Art of Los Carpinteros

Drawings and Paintings. Check out this fine selection of drawings and paintings created by the artist collective Los Carpinteros from Cuba. The artist collective consists...
Art Equipments Scene Generator V4.

Art Equipments Scene Generator V4

The Art Equipments Scene Generator volume 4 from Mockup Zone. You may remember the Art Equipments Scene Generator V3, which I introduced to you some...
Broken 1000 Faces no. 419 - Personal Project by artist Takahiro Kimura

Broken 1000 Faces by Artist Takahiro Kimura

Broken 1000 Faces - Illustration Project. Broken 1000 Faces is a personal illustration project by artist Takahiro Kimura. The project started in 1999. As the...
Creative Street Art by Pavel Puhov

Creative Street Art by Pavel Puhov

Street Art Inspiration From a street lamp to glasses. Street art by by Pavel Puhov.
The God of Change - handmade porcelain sculpture by Kate MacDowell

Handmade Porcelain Sculptures by Kate MacDowell

Bizarre Porcelain Sculptures. Bizarre hand-crafted sculptures Kate MacDowell. Driven by our contemporary impact on the environment, Kate MacDowell creates amazing porcelain sculptures.
Should Have Been a Sun - Created in 2015 with oil and acrylic on cradled birch - size 24x24 inch.

Artist Johnie Thornton

Paintings by American artist Johnie Thornton. Born and raised in Southern California, Johnie Thornton is a Los Angeles based artist who is mainly inspired by...
Paintings by American artist Brice Marden.

American Artist Brice Marden

Eyes on legendary American artist Brice Marden. For many decades, Brice Marden's name is an integral part America's artist scene. He was born in Bronxville,...
Painting by Nicola Samori

The Art of Nicola Samorì

Scary Paintings and Sculptures. Italian artist Nicola Samorì was born in 1977 in Forlì. Nowadays, the artist lives and works in Bagnacavallo. Nicola Samorì's paintings and...
Contours, a project by Charlotte Heal and Mark Sanders.

Contours by Charlotte Heal and Mark Sanders

Contours, a project by Charlotte Heal and Mark Sanders, combining fashion portraits with detail shots of naked body parts. Art director and designer Charlotte Heal teamed...
Illustration by Radek Wesolowski

Illustrated Artworks by Radek Wesolowski

Illustration Art. Three artworks by Radek Wesolowski, an illustratorm graphic designer, and digital artist from Gdynia, Poland. Radek Wesolowski usually works with pencil and finishes his artworks...