Polygraphe Studio Takes Bretelles to the Next Level a Unique Branding and Packaging Design

Montreal-based design studio, Polygraphe Studio, is known for its exceptional work in identity and communication design. They recently took on a project with Bretelles, a company specializing in maple syrup, sugar, jelly, butter, rub, and candies, to create a unique and captivating brand and packaging design.

Polygraphe Studio’s approach to Bretelles’ brand and packaging design was to create something simple, familiar, friendly, and timeless. They chose a varied color palette to highlight the different products. Below you can see only a few images of the project. Please visit their website or follow them on Behance for more.

Bretelles Brand and Packaging by Polygraphe Studio
Bretelles Brand and Packaging by Polygraphe Studio

All images © by Polygraphe Studio. Check out other inspiring work from all over the world in the Graphic Design, Branding, and Packaging Design categories on WE AND THE COLOR.

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