Digital Homunculus: paintings by Japan-born artist Hiroshi Sato on display from October 2 – 26, 2019 at Marrow Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

Contrary to the common idea of painting something from life, a photograph or a memory, Hiroshi Sato’s paintings are inspired by digital environments and virtual experiences. Using 3D software as a basis, the artist creates scenes questioning the dimensions of space and the changes over time in relation to figures and viewers. Thereafter, he transfers these scenes with oil on canvas. His work is an attempt to replicate the real world in higher fidelity while being closer to reality. Read more below the following image.

Hiroshi Sato, Blue and Apple in Phase 2
Blue and Apple in Phase 2, oil on canvas, 48×58”

About the artist:

“Hiroshi Sato was born in Japan but spent his formative years in Tanzania, Africa. His early environment shaped his perspective on place and time and how our experience of a place is much like a fragmented memory. Moving back to Japan for high school further complicated his perception of real and imagined space and spurred an interest in representation. Fueled by such artists as Euan Uglow, Richard Diebenkorn, and Andrew Wyeth, Sato continues to explore spatial relationships, environmental restrictions, and color theory.  Sato studied at the Atlanta College of Art and the Academy of Art University where he received an MFA in painting. His work has been featured in Juxtapoz Magazine and Visual Art Source. He has had exhibitions in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.”

From October 2 – 26, 2019, Marrow Gallery in San Francisco, CA will present ‘Digital Homunculus’, a solo show by Hiroshi Sato. for further information, just visit the gallery website.

Hiroshi Sato, Morning
Morning, oil on canvas, 30×24”
Hiroshi Sato, Opaque Shadows, Phase 1
Opaque Shadows, Phase 1, oil on canvas, 42×46”
Hiroshi Sato, Pottery in Phase 2
Pottery in Phase 2, oil on canvas, 40×36”
Hiroshi Sato, The Bath
The Bath, 36×48”, oil on canvas
Hiroshi Sato, Two by Two
Two by Two, 16×16”, oil on canvas

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