When buying children’s wallpaper, what should the color scheme be? Proper color selection sets the tone for a room. That same tone is not to be developed using every color available. While it may be tempting to paint a child’s room with color and images, the correct type of wallpaper has a unique charm that decorating experts say compliments any child’s room style. Here are seven children’s wallpaper colors you should consider buying.

Black Wallpaper Color

You’ll only be happy with the colors on your walls for a few years, tops. That makes it hard to justify spending a lot of money on an accent wall with trendy colors now, but it may not be in 20 years. If you want something bolder, go for a monochromatic scheme. Black is a classic hue that can fit into any style, from shabby chic to industrial. Use black in smaller doses when wallpapering a room because it can make the room feel smaller and more closed off.

Green Wallpaper Color

Green is one of the most versatile colors out there: it can fit in almost any style, whether you’re going shabby chic or mid-century modern. It’s also great for a kids’ room because it’s calming and happy, and kids love it. Plus, you can find a green that works with almost any decorating style. It’s a great accent color, too! So if you feel like you need to shake things up a bit, try adding some green to your home! Green is also associated with growth, so it’s not just for the living room or dining room. You can use it in the kid’s rooms as well.

Orange Wallpaper Color

Orange is a great color for an accent wall since you don’t have to commit to it for long. It’s always fashionable, but never dull! Use orange as an accent or an entire room color if you’re looking for something bright and cheery. If you’re looking for something less intense, go with warm shades of orange like terracotta or peach. Wallpaper manufacturers like Everwallpaper offer a wide variety of textures and patterns of orange wallpaper color to choose from.

Pastel Wallpaper Color

If you’re looking for a soft and calming look in your child’s room, try using pastel colors. These colors can be great for creating a light and airy space, especially when paired with white or cream-colored furniture. Pastel colors are also relatively neutral, another excellent feature for a kid’s room. A pastel wallpaper color is relatively light. This can make the kid’s room feel more open and happy as if it’s a bit morning every day.

Purple Wallpaper Color

While purple is a great color for an adult wall, it can be overpowering in a child’s room. If you want to use purple as the dominant color of your child’s wallpaper, consider pairing it with another calming color like pink or yellow. For a simple room, a light purple or lavender is an excellent color for the walls. You can also use a deeper shade of purple for the wall behind the bed. The rest of the room can be decorated in lighter shades of pink and yellow to give it that girly feel.

Red Wallpaper Color

A little red can go a long way in the right room. You can use a deep red for the accent wall behind the bed for a boy’s room. Use a lighter shade of red for the walls around it and decorate it with sports memorabilia to add interest to the room. A dark red can also be used on one wall of a girl’s room if you want to give it an elegant feel. Red is also bright, vibrant, and one of the most popular colors in nature; from tomatoes to apples, strawberries, and cherries, many children’s favorite foods are red! It’s an excellent color for children who are just starting to explore the world around them and are excited to learn new things. Red wallpaper also helps create an environment where children feel safe and secure, promoting learning and creativity.

Yellow Wallpaper Color

Yellow is the color of sunshine, optimism, and happiness. It is a fun and exciting color that can help to boost creativity in children. Yellow is also a tremendous attention-grabbing color, which makes it ideal for children who are distracted easily. Yellow wallpaper can be used to create an environment where children feel safe and secure and encourage them to explore their creative side. However, yellow can also be overpowering in large quantities, so be careful when applying it.

Best Children Wallpaper Colors You Should Consider Buying


This kind of wallpaper color will indeed introduce excitement and fun into your kid’s space as well. So if you do want to buy something like this, then ensure that you get only the best for your kid. I hope this guide helps you find the right color for your kids’ room!

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