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Watercolor Wallpapers from Murals Wallpaper

Transform your walls into beautiful masterpieces with watercolor wallpapers from Murals Wallpaper. The creative people of Murals Wallpaper have released a beautiful assortment of watercolor...

YotaPhone 2 – Official Wallpapers by Romain Trystram

A series of stylish wallpaper illustrations by Romain Trystram for YotaPhone 2. French illustrator Romain Trystram was hired by Yota Devices design’s department to create...

I Like Architecture – Architectural Illustrations

I Like Architecture - A series by Romain Trystram of architectural illustrations featuring some of the world's most remarkable skyscrapers. Romain Trystram is a talented...

HP Desktop Wallpapers by Alexis Marcou

Hewlett Packard Wallpapers Alexis Marcou illustrated 3 desktop wallpapers for the 2012 Hewlett Packard notebooks. The desktop backgrouns are based on the elements: earth, fire, water.