If you have a website that would advertise your products, then make sure to give your customers a great experience on your site so that they will be hooked on the products and services being offered in the market. Once you have some products and services that need to be advertised online, then it is essential to create a website that would catch the attention of your customers. The layout, navigation, performance, color scheme, and overall appearance of your site must be attractive enough to the viewers so that you can make sure that there will be heavy traffic on your site. 

If you want to have a better appearance that would provide more emphasis on the layout and design of your site, then it is important to select the right color scheme for your web page. It is a mere fact that colors play an integral part in how we perceive something in this challenging world. Moreover, it also affects the customers on how they perceive the website. However, with regards to the designs of the website, the color scheme oftentimes takes the backseat. In this article, you will understand and learn the 6 tips in choosing a stunning website color scheme:

  1. Know more about the color psychology basics – In marketing your products and services that are being offered in the market, color psychology plays a crucial role. However, going over all details on your site would take more time. The combination of colors in your site has a significant impact on the customers. You can choose the right color that would complement your products or services so that your customers can easily remember your site. Just always bear in mind to select the ideal color for your site since the color always represents your product in the market.
  2. Acquaint yourself with the color theory – Color theory for web design is a discipline of how such color works. For you to understand well about the color combination for your site, it is essential to understand the primary, secondary and tertiary colors that would be good for your website. In terms of primary colors, make sure that you’re not using colors that cannot be made by combining any of these two colors. Red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors. You create secondary colors when you combine any two of the primary colors. Moreover, a tertiary color is produced when combining a primary and a secondary color, which is next to its color on the color wheel. Then, these will produce compound colors. In creating a website design, you also need to understand cool and warm colors. These colors will have an essential impact on the viewers on your site. 
  3. Think about color combinations for your site – Of course, your objective is to choose an ideal color scheme for the design of your website. Meaning to say you should look for the best color combination for your website. Whether you are using different colors, the scheme of your color should involve multiple combinations of colors. Understanding the combinations of these colors is necessary, especially if you’re planning to have a perfect color combination for your website. You also need to understand why different colors work together and some ways how you can adjust colors that would be suitable for your outline. 
  4. Make a simple website design – Don’t make a complicated type of design for your website. As much as possible, make it simple and choose the perfect colors for your color scheme. A complicated or busy color shade on your site makes a little confusion on the visitors to your page. When you arrive with a simple color design and your site has great combinations of color, then everything will appear in unison. Aside from that, viewers do not need to think well about your website’s offers. In fact, this could be your hallmark of a great website. You can make use of three simple color combinations like orange, blue, and a little touch of green, or you can think of a better combination that will describe all about your deals. 
  5. Contrast the color designs on your website – The next thing that you can do is to think about color contrast. Contrasting colors is one of the essential elements of a nice design that you can use in making a perfect color scheme for a website. A contrast in colors creates a great impact on the viewer. This can also draw attention to the visitors on certain pages on your site. So, if you want to draw the attention of your customers or viewers like advertising more about your product, then create a page that would highlight the contrast of the colors, which may also be different from the other pages. 
  6. Integrate the branding on your website – Try to consider how it affects your color scheme. If your brand was already associated with some colors on it, then you may also use some combinations of colors that would emphasize your brand name. Perhaps, you can make use of some color palette in creating your site color scheme. However, it is also advisable to twist the colors of your brand. Say, for instance, your brand color has a negative meaning on it, then you can also try to consider some other colors for a brand’s color scheme. The key element for this matter is to think and create the best color combination on your website, which would have a great impact on the people. 

With these simple steps that were cited above, you can now create a stunning website color scheme that would surely attract the viewers to visit and stay on your page. Now that you already learned something about perfect color combinations for your site, you may now start a color scheming work on your page. Though it may take some trial and error processes, it’s really a part of the process. After doing those simple steps, you can surely have a perfect color scheme that would enhance the design of your website.

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